Designed by: George Sfetas Kick-boxing is a complete and total body workout; it is the most dynamic and popular way to get  in shape now. Kick-boxing is a high energy sport which incorporates martial arts techniques with  boxing skills. Kick-boxing will give you self-defence skills you previously thought un-obtainable.  You will be kicking with skill and power and will burn up to 800 calories in a one hour session.  Kick-boxing is your best defense against fat, we find women and men of all ages are seeking  the ultimate fitness, incorporated in a self- defence workout. Muscle and Fitness magazine, the fitness industry's largest magazine, rates kick-boxing as the  No.1 calorie burner with basket ball coming second, burning 680 calories per hour. So as you  can see kick-boxing with its fitness routines and self-defense training is the best. You will find  that children can also benefit from kick-boxing, apart from the fitness and self- defence aspect,  children can learn discipline, self confidence and the ability to set themselves goals and achieve them. Kick-boxing is with no doubt the hottest fitness craze to come along in a while. Women and men  of all ages have sought instruction all across the country seeking the ultimate fitness and self -  defence workout. Kick-Boxing is: A true sport: technical knowledge, a good physical condition, tactical intelligence, ethic qualities  and agility. A safe sport: to minimize the risk of injury the competitors wear safety protection. If you're looking for an activity where the whole family can get involved, take a good look at  kick-boxing. There are benefits for everyone You'll learn to defend yourself in any situation. You'll build self confidence and self esteem. It's an effective stress relief program. You'll increase strength, flexibility and stamina. Great cross-training aspects for other sports. You'll have lots of fun getting into shape and that's a promise!!! Plus, what we teach you could save your life someday!